Photo by Robert Alexander Smith, 2018.

Photo by Robert Alexander Smith, 2018.

Matilda is a freelance theatre-maker. She is the co-founder and an Artistic Director at Twelve Angry, where she champions the voices of women in theatre both onstage and off.

Matilda has directed, written, produced, managed publicity, and designed set and costume for a variety of theatre productions. in 2013 Matilda was Publicity Manager for Four Letter Word Theatre. She has also worked as a freelance director for The University of Melbourne's residential colleges.

You can find details of some of her favourite shows below, including pictures and reviews.

Bachelorette (2016)

director, co-producer for Twelve Angry

Director Matilda Dixon-Smith has created something so dark and twisted, yet utterly brilliant, in its illumination of how society treats women.
— Review from Caitlin McGrane at Theatre Press.
Bachelorette is well managed, beautifully realized, flawlessly put together, finely tuned and smoothly presented.
— Review from Suzanne Sandow at Stage Whispers.

[Lady] Macbeth (2016)

publicity manager, costume designer for twelve angry

In Twelve Angry‘s latest production, the infamous Scottish play is retold in an intriguing and thought-provoking way.
— Review by Narelle Wood for Theatre Press.
The strength of this theme, as well as strong performances from the cast, ensures that Twelve Angry’s production is as captivating as it is thought provoking.
— Matilda Millar-Carton for The Dialog.

The Taming of The Shrew (2015)

Dramaturg/consulting director For MUSC

You’ll find an exemplary production of politically meaningful engagement with Shakespeare.
— Kim Ho for The Dialog.
an ambitious undertaking that seeks to draw out the darkness beneath the humour that so often goes unnoticed and shine a bright and unflinching spotlight on domestic violence.
— Caitlin McGrane for Theatre Press

Alcopops and Robbers(2014)

Director, Set Designer for Trinity College

The set designers, actors, writing team and director demonstrate a great deal of care and attention to comedic detail, and their collaborative skill shines through in the diversity of gags and character types.
— Julian O'Donnell for HANA Theatre Journal.

Devoted: A New Musical (2014)

Music by Lucy O'Brien and Book by Matilda Dixon-Smith

What started as a one-night-only event for Melbourne’s 2014 Midsumma Festival, held at The Tote in Collingwood, became a cult summer hit. Devoted: A New Musical is a queer musical satire after Warren Casey and Jim Jacobs' 1971 Grease. With new music and lyrics by Lucy O'Brien and a new book by Matilda Dixon-Smith, Devoted played to sold-out audiences at The Tote, The Workers Club in Fitzroy and Northcote Social Club through January and February 2014 .

Visit the website for more information, or read this exclusive cast and crew interview with Sharona Lin from Pop Culture-y.

Listen to a song from the musical: Composer Lucy O'Brien performs 'Worse Things'.
The dialogue was spot-on for contemporary Melbourne [. . .] All in all, an exciting musical with plenty of promise.
— Sharona Lin, for Pop Culture-y.
Emerging young talent of this ilk deserve their efforts to skyrocket and hopefully grace larger spaces where microphones will suit just fine.
— Ross Larkin, for Theatre Press.

BLASTED (2013)

Producer for FLW Theatre

by Sarah Kane. The Guild Theatre, 11 - 14 September 2013.

The Wild Party (2013)

Publicity Manager for Four Letter Word Theatre

by John Michael LaChiusa. The Main Stage at Revolt Artspace, 31 July - 3 August 2013. View the website here.

In The Next Room (or The Vibrator Play)

Director for FLW Theatre

by Sarah Ruhl. Guild Theatre, 1 - 11 May 2013. View the website here.

Listen to the score, composed by Lucy O'Brien, here and here.
Under the excellent direction of Matilda Dixon-Smith, a strong cast of seven is featured – each playing believable, developed characters who form as many intertwined relationships as a soap opera. Four stars.
— Megan Hanson for Time Out Melbourne
The performances were bold and brave and I feel that the play’s lasting legacy was its youth and exuberance.
— Ash Cottrel for Theatre People
FLW’s production of Sarah Ruhl’s In The Next Room (or the Vibrator Play) delivers an electric (!) depiction of this age trapped between old and new.
— Ingrid Schreiber for UHT.
Dixon-Smith’s direction is tasteful and for the most part shows an intellectual engagement with issues beyond the text. I was surprised and relieved to see the “sex” of the show not overplayed and instead she delivers a much needed subtlety.
— Kerith Manderson-Galvin for UHT.
This cleverly woven blend of rom-com and feminist farce is an even match for a strong cast. Under the direction of Matilda Dixon Smith, each performance is imbued with a utilitarian stiffness, highlighting the Wildean charm of each line.
— Chris Fieldus

Equus (2013)

Costume Designer for Four Letter Word Theatre

by Peter Shaffer. Revolt Loading Dock, 10 - 19 January 2013.

A lot of thought and attention went into sound design, costume design and the overall concept of the production.
— Chris Baldock for Theatre People.

The History Boys (2012)

Assistant Director for FLW Theatre

by Alan Bennett. Guild Theatre, 1 - 11 August 2012.

“The History Boys” is a captivating work that showcases the talents of an exceptional cast, both individually and as a larger ensemble.
— Caleb Garfinkel for Theatre People.
FLW Theatre ambitiously presents this lengthy, complex play [. . .] and pulls it off with a unique edge and a vitalising spark.
— Casey Bradley for UHT.

Disney's Beauty and the Beast (2010)

Director for Ormond College Drama Company

Music by Alan Menken, lyrics by Howard Ashman and Tim Rice, and book by Linda Woolverton. Union Theatre, 5 - 7 August 2010.

The dancers, actors and musicians all showcased hard work, fun and a spirited team effort to communicate this compelling love story, and are certainly to be commended.
— Andrew Wong for UHT.